5 Simple Tricks to Engage the Learner

When it comes to e-learning, engaging the learner is the most vital component that would determine the success or failure of any learning platform. Retaining the learner’s attention is crucial and should be an incessant process because once you have lost the learner, then you have lost the learner.

While one can never run out of ideas to achieve a successful elearning platform, there are some factors which, if nothing else, would serve as a useful reference guide. Let’s find out about them.

1. Content Relevance

Keep the content focused and consistent. Not everyone intends to play scrabble with information. Content information should be tailor-made to suit the audience. Even if there is a minor disconnect, the learners would tend to dismiss or devalue the information. Generating enthusiasm amongst the learners will be achieved only if the content is seen to be directly related to the topic being covered.

2. Always Explain ‘Why’

It is extremely useful and encouraging to learners if they always understand fully why it is that they have been asked to complete a certain task. This takes one back to the relevance of the elearning content. Understanding ‘Why’ piques a learner’s interest in the material and assists him in understanding what they will achieve upon completion of the course.

3. Using the ‘Gauntlet’ approach

Everyone loves a challenge. Even as kids, we like to experiment, experience and solve. People like to find out answers themselves. They feel like they got to the answer by themselves and that they are more worthwhile.

If you provide someone with a challenge, you find a much more thoughtful and creative employee approach in the end.

4. Gamification

Game elements can complement the content information dissemination in a big way. Everyone loves to complete. People like to be seen to have participated and won. Rewards work as a great motivator. This enables them to break the inertial barriers and exert their potential even more. With a target oriented approach, one can make the learner to strive towards improvement. Gamification allows a learner to feel more informative, confident and above all, competitive.

5. Serious Gaming

Serious Gaming or games for training enables over 80% memory retention capabilities. Playing games seems and feels more like a pastime than a chore. Cleverly introducing serious gaming into the course content material could create an exponential increase in the engagement levels than static images, videos or other forms of reading content.

Serious gaming delivers a perfect combination of interaction, engagement and insights. They fit into any Instruction Design effectively. Even while playing a game, the learner is on an active learning path.

You could start with these tips, but remember – engagement is a continuous process. Keep experimenting!

P.S.: Check out our website (www.ptotem.com) for a few examples of serious games.


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