Why Employees Love Online Training

I guess this infographic says it all!

PostDo you feel there’s anything else? Do let me know!



  1. No doubt about the fact that employees love online training. As the infographic so interestingly explains you can learn in your own time, and in your own space and pace. It is a big deal in today’s world where you need to put in long hours both in terms of work and commute. However, in Europe, for example, a recent Cegos Group survey found over 90% of trained employees experienced classroom training and surprisingly, it is many of today’s younger, tech-savvy generation who appear to be among the biggest advocates of face-to-face training. The classroom and other forms of personal instruction still remain one of the most popular forms of learning in most of the world.

    1. Hi there! I agree with the fact that Face-to-Face training is effective. But as you said, given the long work hours and commute time, it’s not possible for the employees to allot specific time for training. Also, it’s not possible for companies to dedicate regular resources for this particular activity. Hence, elearning activity is increasingly becoming popular. I think a mixture of both is perfect. When a new person joins a company, the induction training should comprise of classroom or workshop training, to make him feel welcome. Once a person gets this personal touch, elearning can take over. Workshops are necessary and should be conducted at regular intervals. And online apps or platforms can be used here as well to track the activity! What do you think?

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