How Brands Use Gamification To Boost Their Marketing Efforts

How Brands Use Gamification To Boost Their Marketing Efforts There’s one thing which is troubling the marketers all over the world – over exposure of traditional marketing. Fortunately, marketers have recognized this problem and they are looking at alternate innovative solutions for their marketing requirements. In such a scenario, the concept of Gamification has started creating ripples across the corporate world.

Gamification is an extremely powerful tool if used the right way. A lot of industry giants have attempted and succeeded in executing gamified marketing strategies. Below is a collection of the some of the best cases where brands have used gamification effectively to boost their marketing initiatives.

Campaign: My Coke Rewards

Coca-Cola was awarded ‘The Best Use of Gamification 2014’ for its marketing campaign ‘My Coke Rewards’. It’s a customer loyalty program which runs on the concept of rewarding loyal users of the brand. Customers are encouraged to enter codes found on specially marked Coca-Cola products, on a website where they can convert these codes into redeemable points. These points make the users eligible for a variety of prizes.

Campaign: Happiness Quest

Another example of Coca-Cola’s gamified strategy is its ‘Happiness’ campaign. As a part of this campaign, Coca-Cola personified the activity of using vending machines in Japan. With the help of QR codes, each customer is allotted a single machine referred as ‘My Machine’. Users are awarded points on the basis of the number of check-ins and interactions with the vending machine.

Campaign: Nike Plus

In 2012, Nike launched Nike Plus – an application that allows users to track and share their workout statistics; and earn ‘NikeFuel Points’ in return. NikeFuel is a unique way of measuring all kinds of activities. The campaign has been an instant hit, leading Nike to gain a pre-dominant hold over its market.

Campaign: StarPlayer

Heineken was the official sponsor of the Champions League. It launched a gaming app – StarPlayer to boost user engagement during the match. This app allowed users to share their predictions during critical match moments by downloading the Heineken app. They were awarded points on correct answers.

I guess these are enough to give you an idea about how gamification works. In case you have more such brand cases to share, do respond in the comments box below!


Decoding Cloud Based Authoring Tools For E-learning

Here’s a simple infographic explaining Cloud Based Authoring Tools and its benefits.

Cloud based authoring tools infographics

I haven’t mentioned all the tools out there. So, in case you know a particularly useful one, do mention in the comments below.

Note: Please feel free to use this infographic for any personal or commercial purpose.

5 Key Benefits That Gamification Brings To Your Business

5 Key Benefits That Gamification Brings To Your Business

Gamification is no longer just a buzzword. It has found some real and interesting applications in the domains of learning, marketing, personality development, data analytics and so on. The right implementation of this concept can generate powerful results and do wonders for your business.

Here are the 5 key benefits that Gamification will bring to your business.

1. Making the mundane interesting

The game-based interactive elements add thrill and fun to the otherwise mundane processes. Whether the task is about conducting a survey or employee training, gamification makes the process more interesting as the knowledge is supplied non-intrusively, thereby yielding better results.

2. Sustainability

Using Gamification in your company is a strategy for sustainability. The games are re-playable and are built using real-life scenarios. They can be played again and again for performance improvement without incurring additional costs on the company.

3. Real-time analytics

A gamified campaign will allow you to target particular user groups of your interest and get real-time feedback. You can analyze the user behavior and draw inferences. Such feedback is a powerful contributor in designing your business’ future strategies.

4. Self-motivated work force

These games are built with features like leaderboard, award system, etc that reward the employees on their accomplishments. This keeps each employee self-motivated and self-aware about his/her performance.

5. High productivity and ROI

These games can be customized to align with your business objectives. Gamification’s unique features directly link the company’s objectives to the employee performance, thereby increasing the overall productivity. Any initial investment made to include game-based learning in your business is easily replenished along with a high ROI.

I guess that’s all! If you think of any more, please share with me!

Why Cloud Authoring Tools are the Best Tools for eLearning


Let’s start by understanding, what exactly is ‘Cloud Authoring’!

Cloud authoring is ‘internet based authoring’. In other words, one can access these tools using their web browser. (For example, Google Docs) Everything is online and you just need to log in to get started with your work.

So, what makes Cloud Authoring better than others?

They are free! (Most of them)

Yes! Many cloud authoring tools like Google Docs, Amplayfier, etc. are free. Others like Powtoon, Dropbox, etc. are also free, but in case you need more features than you have to pay.

No installation required

You don’t have to download these tools in order to use them. You can access them using your web browser. All you need to do is sign up. So, you don’t need to have any particular configuration to use these tools. It also saves your effort of coordinating with IT department to install software on your computer.

Accessible from anywhere

These tools can be accessed from anywhere. You can access the content created on these tools from anywhere. You don’t have to go through the hassles of carrying the data everywhere.

Creating on the go

Using these tools, you can create/ edit content on the go. And here’s the best thing, once you load the tool on your website, you can use it even offline. You don’t need internet connection at all, except when you have to save or publish the content.

Easy to collaborate

Collaborating with your colleagues is a lot easier using these tools. You can share the files or the published content for reviewing. Or by sharing the credentials, you can even ask your colleague to make the necessary changes.

Want to try one of these cloud authoring tools? Drop an email at and get a trial access to the beta version of Amplayfier, a serious game building app.